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Payday Loans in Nelson, Nelson

Fast Facts

Tasman Bay's east coast is home to the city of Nelson. This city is the Nelson's region's centre for culture and economics.
Population: 46,200
Area: 171.8 sq miles (445 kmĀ²)

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Unrivalled rates

For Nelson in British Columbia, Canada do consider visiting this page or this other page. My New Zealand Payday only deals with New Zealanders.

For New Zealanders, however, My New Zealand Payday isn't talking through our collective hats when we say that we've got the same average rates as everyone else in the market. Not a wildly enthusiastic pitch, I agree, but we make up for that with our lightning quick funding of our loans. Check out the FAQ for details on how we deliver the funds to you.

Simply no problems

Check the web for reviews. Nobody has a single bad thing to say about us, and that's because of our total focus on customer satisfaction. We will literally bend over backwards, if the circumstances called for it, which they rarely do, to make you happy. That's just the kind of people we are.

Find an easier application? Let us know!

That's right, we recognize that we don't have a monopoly on all the good ideas in the universe. There are probably better application processes out there. If you see one, let us know and we'll combine their good ideas with our own to form like Voltron and give you even better service.

Requirements for Payday Loans

We have to be able to send funds into your account, which naturally calls for your ownership of an account to send funds into. We do work with most major banks, so that shouldn't be a big stumbling block for you. You'll need a job too, since eventually we're going to pull the funds back plus interest. Paid in cash? We can't verify that, sorry. Paid by cheque? We can work with that, but you'll need to send us a picture of your paystub. Paid by direct deposit? Hallelujah, we can probably approve you in 5 minutes!
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