About My New Zealand Payday



We began in Canada, and now we are exploring foreign markets. Our mission is to create opportunities for people to access credit in a timely fashion no matter where they live.


People don't have time to spare

When people need money, they usually need it right away. They've got a lot of things going on in their lives, and those other things can't wait. Banks and other traditional lenders often take weeks or even months to finalize the agreement and longer to deliver the funds.

This is where My New Zealand Payday saw an opportunity to deal with people's financial troubles on a time frame that makes sense. We are committed to delivering your funds as fast as possible, which means the same day for returning customers or the next day for first time borrowers.

People want respect

Lots of people have a few black marks on their credit report. Nobody wants to go to a bank to have them comb through every detail of the past ten years of their life, only to be casually dismissed. This is why we structure our loans so that almost every applicant is accepted.

We also don't ask any non-pertinent questions about the loan. The only thing we are concerned about is being repaid, and we trust our customers to use the money for whatever they feel is right.